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Pearl Girls!
Pearl Girls is a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to reach and positively influence young girls in our communities.

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What P.E.A.R.L stands for:






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Our Mission

Who Are We

Pearl Girls is a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to reach and positively influence young girls in our communities.

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What We Believe

We believe that every girl is uniquely created and born to succeed. She is a treasure and should be encouraged to express and live out her unbounded passions, hopes, goals, and dreams.

How We Serve

Our mission is to serve, inspire, and empower a generation of girls, ages 8-12, to reach higher and live fuller. Through leadership and developmental activities, educational services, and our mentorship program, P.E.A.R.L. Girls, we hope to create a difference in our communities and society.

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Our Programs

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Pearl Serve

Pearl Serve is service program that provide girls the opportunity to give back within their communities. We have partnered with multiple churches and other non-profit organizations in the Hampton Roads area. We assist with reorganizing local food pantries, arranging clothing closets, volunteering with community meal programs and much more.

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Star Life Workshops

These educational workshops are designed to help young girls grow their confidence, develop a healthy self-esteem and foster positive relationships. On a monthly basis, the participants will engage in online or in-person group sessions, specifically geared to celebrating their unique selves.

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Pearl Girl Mentorship

The Pearl Girl Mentorship is a six (6) month program that focuses on the following core values: purpose, education, community awareness, self-respect and leadership. Each girl will participate in group mentoring, community service, and enrichment activities. These learning experiences will help to develop leadership skills and assist in achieving social, emotional, and physical well-being. We accept applications for membership twice a year, based on space availability.

Our Founder

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Founder & CEO

Tamara Gregory

Tamara Gregory has a true passion for working with children, especially at-risk young girls. She has degrees in both Business Administration and Elementary Education. Tamara has dedicated more than twenty years to youth education and development. She has a background in preschool education, religious youth organizations and working with various non-profits. She has obtained a wealth of academic, professional and personal experiences that she employs within the Pearl Girl organization. Her life’s purpose is to help girls and women embrace their passion, fulfill their potential and discover their worth.

How to Get Involved

Partner with us

Every young girl should have access to empowerment and self-care resources that would make lasting impacts in their life. Pearl Girls' mission is to provide these resources, but it is not without logistical needs. Your partnership will support these efforts and ensures that no young girl will lack access to empowerment resources.

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